6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Settling For A Venue

If you are an event planner, you should learn how to secure an appropriate Auckland venue for hire by getting the right information from your client and the venue manager. You also need to ask yourself a few questions as follows.


  1. How big is the guest list?


Before you commence on shortlisting potential venues, understand the type of guests who will be attending the occasion and the number of people who have been invited. It is important that a venue accommodates the expected number of guests as well as suit the audience. Do not look for a venue that’s too big for the event- it will cost you more and overwhelm the audience. If there is no other option, you can use partitioning strategies to create a sizeable space. When the occasion is by invite only, ask the guests to RSVP the invitation but some will not respond, so you might want to call them up.


  1. What’s the demographics of the audience?


If you are an experienced event planner, you should know how to cater for different types of audiences. It is imperative that you find out the income levels of the guests, their age, what they like and dislike, and what kind of lifestyle they lead. Supposing you are expecting a group of Chief Executive Officers; then you should find a corporate venue that meets their standards.

  1. Is transportation convenient?


A good venue location should be in close proximity to the residential or working places of the expected guests. If the guests find out that transportation will be a challenge, they might not attend the event as expected. It is also good to have free transportation so that the attendees who drink too much may get to their homes safely. Consider a venue close to taxi services.


  1. How is the weather?


An event planner must keep an eye on the climatic conditions so as to adjust the needs accordingly. If there is a chance of raining, make sure there are umbrellas at hand and enough tents where people can shield themselves.


  1. How much is the needed security?


This will depend on the size and type of event. If the event will involve a large crowd in the city, you might be required to hire police officers. Consider other security measures such as paramedics, and fire extinguishers, fire alarms power back-up, and first-aid accessories. The guests must be made aware of emergency exits and an emergency plan must be put in place. Telephone reception is also important- you might need a two-way radio system to communicate with various staffs.


  1. What is the cost of hiring a venue?


Different venues for hire in Auckland charge differently. As soon as you meet the venue manager, ask for the list f items covered in the total cost of hiring. From the checklist, there are several things you should determine:

  • The exact venue fee and involved taxes: you can negotiate for a reduced fee
  • The fee coverage: does the cost cover for security, dance floor, liability, parking, linens, food, and corkage? Find out if liquor license is valid
  • What is not covered in the venue fee
  • The price range of meals and the cost of servings per individual
  • The cost of hotel rooms per night
  • Bartending fees
  • The payment methods
  • Fund and cancellation policy


Before you pick a certain venue for hire in Auckland, check the portfolio of events that have been held there. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and pictures so that you can compare different layouts. Speak to the venue staff and find out their areas of expertise and how their customer service skills.