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Basic Badminton Gears: Design Your Own Badminton Shirt on Badminton Jersey Maker

Playing badminton can be a good idea to start your healthy lifestyle. This sport is pretty easy to play, and it does not need complicated preparations. You can go to the near empty field and play this with your friend or family during weekend. For those who are still new in this sport, this article will elaborate briefly about some basic gear and equipment need for playing badminton.

Here are some basic gear and equipment for badminton that you need to prepare:

  • Badminton attire: if you are a non-competitive or casual player, a short and a shirt is enough to support your performance. There are also people, mostly a more professional one, who use ankle guards, hand grips, and wrist bands to reduce the risk of injury during the game. You can have your own designed badminton shirt by visiting a badminton jersey maker located near your area. It will surely add more motivation and show more of your personality on the field.
  • Badminton shoes: this type of shoes are created to provide a better grip and traction to the user. With a better grip and traction, you can stop moving and return the shuttle cock way easier. It is better is you choose the lightweight one with great cushioning so the shoes can absorb the impact effectively when you land or jump. Avoid wearing jogging shoes because this type of shoes is usually lack of traction and grip. It will be quiet slippery and add the risk of injury if you are not careful enough.
  • Shuttlecock: you can choose either the feathered or plastic shuttlecocks. The plastic one is more durable, however, it is only recommended for beginner players. It travels relatively short distances because it is heavier and is commonly used for children. Feathered shuttlecocks are better for casual games among adults and professional tournaments.
  • Badminton racket: a racket really depends on the selection of materials, which will affect the string tensions, racket weight, and balance points. With a lot of variations, it is suggested to shop a racket offline to make sure you purchase the racket that is suitable for you.

Those are some basic badminton gear and equipment that you need to know if you want to start playing badminton. If you want to design your own jersey and are currently living in West Jakarta, you can try to visit They provide t-shirt printing service, including sport jerseys with the best quality.