Some Choices of Well-known Delicious Culinary From Makassar

Makassar is one of the famous towns in Indonesia. This is also one of the biggest towns in the country. Makassar itself is located in east part of Indonesia, precisely in South Sulawesi. This is famous as the port town where there are easy access for tourists to go to other places in eastern Indonesia. The town itself is famous for its beach. There is a beach called Pantai Losari or Losari Beach. This beach is quite different from other beach since it has no sand, but a large area for enjoying the view or panorama. There is also great cultures shown by Toraja tribes in highland near Makassar. Of course, visiting to a big town will also talk about the culinary. For it, Delicious Culinary From Makassar can be good options for tourists or visitors who want to find great taste of Makassar food.

Talking about popular and Delicious Culinary From Makassar, mostly it is about seafood. This is related to the location of this town which is near the sea. The famous seafood menu is about the crab, especially the giant crabs. The crabs have big size with full of meat and great taste. The other ingredient, such as fish, are mostly friend or grilled. There are also some soups of seafood to find in Makassar. For the seafood menu, there are many restaurants for them so it is not a big problems to get seafood menus. Then, there is also coto Makassar. This is one of the iconic menu in Makassar. It has become so popular, even there are many places outside the island selling coto Makassar. This is kind of soup with unique taste of ground peanut. Then, there is also beef in the soup. Sometimes, the beef is replaced by offal. In some cases, both of them are compared to give better taste and satisfaction.

Those famous and Delicious Culinary From Makassar are not the only things to find in Makassar. There are still many other delicious menus to find in this town.

  • For snack, this town has pisang epe. This can be easily found in around Losari Beach. This snack is unique and delicious. It is made from pressed banana. The banana is pressed and then grilled. When it is going to be served, melted brown sugar is poured to the banana. To make it more special, cheese and chocolate can be added as topping of this snack.
  • Then, there is also sup sodara. This is quite similar to coto Makassar since there are beefs and offal in the soup. However, the taste is quite different since there are different recipe and no ground peanut.
  • Then, for meat lovers, there is konro bakar. People commonly know this menu as grilled ribs. In Makassar, this is also popular and commonly the ribs are served in two ways. First, it is served as common grilled ribs. But it can also be served as a soup. Of course, the taste is great and delicious.
  • Then, there is barongko. This is also famous food in Makassar. In the old time, this is only for royal family. The menu is made from banana as the main ingredients. Then there banana is covered or wrapped by rice flour, sugar, and coconut milk. To cook it, those ingredients are steamed in the banana leaves.

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